Analog Pussy is a PsyTrance band from Berlin, Featuring Jiga

 Analog Pussy released 7 albums and played all around the world.
Jiga was born in Jerusalem and played bass for metal bands.
Wanting be more than a bassist, she bought a $50 synthesizer and a computer and began producing on her own.
She met Jinno, A synthesizers freak, and formed Analog Pussy in 1997.
With no money or label, they used the internet and word to mouth to build a following.
In 2000 they relocated from Israel to Germany and established their own label AP Records.

Main Albums: Psycho Bitch from hell, Underground, Trance N Roll, Mister Clown.
In 2007 Jiga and Jinno parted and Jiga continues to play around the world as Analog Pussy