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Analog Pussy is a PsyTrance act from Berlin, Featuring Jiga

The band released 7 albums and played all around the world.
Jiga was born in Jerusalem and played bass for punk and metal bands at age 15.
Jiga wanted to be more than a bassist, So she bought a $50 synthesizer and an old computer and began producing on her own.
She met Jinno, A synthesizers freak, and formed Analog Pussy in 1997.
With no money or label, the band used the internet and word of mouth to build a following.

The first festival they played at, was “Solipse Festival” (Ozora, Hungary) in 1999. Along bands such as infected mushroom, X-Dream and Total eclipse.

in 1999, the record label Baloonia / Cosmophilia  in Munich, offered them a one record deal. Subsequently, Baloonia released their first album  “Psycho Bitch from hell”  in 1999.
In 2000 they relocated from Israel to Germany and established their own label AP Records.

Under AP records, 4 more albums were released and several compilations.

Brand Mark: Jiga is known for her playing a space yellow bass, manufactured by “BassLab” in Germany.

In addition, she always wears custom made space glasses in her Live shows.

Main Albums: Psycho Bitch from hell, Underground, Trance N Roll, Mister Clown.
In 2007 Jiga and Jinno parted their ways. Jiga emerged on her own, releasing new music and continuing to play around the world as Analog Pussy

Analog Pussy
Analog Pussy